Sunday, 6 September 2015

Games without frontiers.

Playing a game, we're playing a game
He'd told me when the day to leave came
And so began our epic fun
Just me and my daddy on the run

He smiled and he joked as we walked through the night
He promised me soon that all would be right
We talked as we walked and we walked as we talked
Until meeting a van where the dusty road forked

We clambered within and joined playmates new
Who shared with us water and laughter and food
Songs sung and chats chatted along the ride
'Til we finally arrived at the windy seaside

To the boats for our final intrepid expedition
Just this one more peril upon our mission
To leave behind those sandy shores
And find a brave, new world to explore

Smiling and laughing as dad held my hand
We set off for the promised land
We're nearly there, he promised me
As he pushed my boat out into the sea

He and two others clung to the back and paddled the boat with their feet
As I sat with new brothers and a half dozen others and dreamed of the food I would eat
When finally at the end of dad's game I could stop and take a rest
Maybe watch some Sponge-Bob and fall asleep with my head upon his chest

Our little boat was tossed left and right
Giving me and the others a terrible fright
But I'd worried not when that last great wave came
Because, after all, this was only a game

As that wave struck I was tossed from the boat
And salty water filled my throat
Playing a game, just playing a game
Though the deep, briny sea took my life all the same


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