Thursday, 1 September 2016

Now available on Amazon...

OUT NOW, in paperback and on Kindle, my new short story compilation...

The Short Tall Tales.

A collection of four very different and disturbing stories of twisted realities.

"Where do they all belong?" documents the terror of the tormented
and the torment their torment creates. "Ghost whispering" will
have you scared to check under your bed. "Revenant" brings
us a masterclass in karma and in the folly of wickedness and, finally,
"Passing time" takes a look at the gentler side of those gone ahead.

Four tales of terror and the unknown, of hope and retribution, plucked
from the ether and placed on the page by the author.

Who needs sleep anyway?

Click the following link to purchase the book via my own associate account, which means the pitiful amount I will receive for my share will be slightly less pitiful than if you go elsewhere.

(If you prefer to read your literature on a screen then hold on to that credit card, the eBook version will be with you very soon.)

Thanks to everyone that encouraged and supported me. It has been, and continues to be, greatly appreciated.

Enjoy the little things.

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