The video diaries

The French letters.

My video diaries, chronicling my new life beneath a different sky...


...and, for those of you that have enjoyed the images I've been posting to my
Twitter (@Johnny_Spacey) and Instagram (@JohnnyTwoHatsInstagram)
here are my #randomdogwalkpic, funkified in a most pretentious manner...



Thanks for watching and
enjoy those little things.


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  1. As I close in on a new start to my life in 6 weeks I've started to get a bit anxious...Needed a little pep talk so what do I do? What the videos of a man I only know through twitter....Helped a lot, letting go of the past and starting a fresh, no man or woman ever went on an adventure by staying indoors. #EnjoyTheLittleThings
    Saluté J2H