Friday, 19 June 2015

Old lady on a Honda.

Wherever life is taking us, take time to look around
To see the world outside of us and the marvels that abound 
Travel to lands both near and far, it won't matter how far you wander
You'll see nothing quite as wonderful as an old girl on a Honda
She smiled as she passed me on a street close to here
The one with the chippy and the shop that sells beer
A twin set and pearls she'd more obviously suit
But had opted instead for leathers and boots

She wove through the traffic all queued in a queue
Past drivers who sweated and turned the air blue
Whose frowns turned to grins as the old lady swept by
Blue tint in her hair and a glint in her eye
She pulled up to the pump on the garage forecourt
Filled up, grabbed a paper, paid for that which she'd bought
More lipstick applied and helmet in place
She started her engine, a grin on her face

A left and a right and a couple lefts more
And the little old lady drew up to her door
Then smiled, turned around and rode back down her street
She'd forgotten to buy her husbands best sweets
I say she'd forgotten, but I'm pretty sure
She just wanted a reason to ride there once more
She zigged and she zagged and she swept through the town
Taking her time and the scenic way round

His licorice purchased, she opened the packet
Popped a sweet in her mouth and the rest in her jacket
Then, once again, she rode her way back
To the house that she shared with her husband, Jack
I don't know that's his name, I'm guessing you see
But I wanted to name them for clarity
So, from my point of view, the old girl on her Honda
Is just going to have to be thought of as "Wanda"

The beauty of life, the drama of thunder
This world where we dwell is jam packed with wonder
I've been many places and lived many days
I've seen lives created and ebbing away
The flowers, the birds and the fish in the sea
All of Earth's wonders revealed to me 
But of all these great things I couldn't be fonder
Than of the little, old lady riding her Honda


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