Thursday, 20 August 2015

Spending time.

A silent "pop" in the darkness of nought
The rush of all things and the new light it brought
Something from nothing, spewing forth dust
That one day would clump into lumps and make us
Settling slowly with no eyes to see
The dust from the stars that made you and me
And didn't stop there but continues to shape
The thoughts and the dreams and the choices we make
The meeting, the greetings, the coming and going 
The friendships that strengthen without our knowing
The bonds and the closeness, of mothers and daughters
Of fathers and sons and the things that life taught us
Since the "P" of the pop 'til the "why" of today
Time waits for no man, or so I've heard say

Those things that you're doing and seeing and sensing
The roads and the houses, the gardens and fencing
The day and the night and the evening and dawn
The rattle of death and the screams of those born
These things that we see and those that we don't
The things that we do and those that we won't
Were always to come and to be and to pass
Filling our lives as water does glass
Some think it providence, some fate and some chance
Taking our hand and the lead in life's dance
What's going to happen will happen, it must
'Twas already written by the stars in their dust
Life is a ride of which we've no control
A helter skelter that ends in a six foot deep hole

But even once there, tucked up deep 'neath the Earth
Marked with a stone and covered by turf
Our ride isn't over, nor ever shall be
For the first time since birth we'll finally be free
To rejoin the stars and be on our way
To wander the cosmos since our dying day
Hitching a ride on the tail of the light
And sailing away like a ship in the night
No more will we worry or suffer or hurt
Or love or rejoice once we're under that dirt
We'll need no more feeding and cause no more pain
Nor laugh with our loved ones nor shelter from rain
All that we have and we are will just cease
As we enjoy the oblivion of eternal peace

The end has been written, we know what's to come
We've just this brief moment awake in the sun
Then back to our journey from pop to who knows
Shedding the flesh that was our Earthly clothes
Whatever we've done is done and now gone
The instant we'd done it we'd had to move on
Too late it now is to regret what has past
With our final chapters approaching so fast
Learn yesterday's lessons and make sure that when
You're given the morrow you heed them and then
Face each new day with a smile on your face
And leave in your wake a far better place
What's written is only the start and the end
The time in between, though, that's all yours to spend 


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