Monday, 8 February 2016

The black heart of Jimmy Greenteeth.

Taken from the upcoming children's book, Jimmy Greenteeth and the Magic Kettle, by John Spacey.

If walking through the woods that lie
Beside the stinking river
You feel a wind upon your neck
That makes you gasp and shiver
Run and run and run straight home
And never look behind
For if you pause to take a glance
Pure evil you will find

That breeze you feel, that's not the wind
But the breath of something wicked
An evil looking, crooked toothed fiend
Watching from the thicket
Dressed in clothes once fine but that
Had now seen better days
Hunting for his supper
Of unloved waifs and strays

He'll start by tearing out your tongue
So you can scream no more
Then drag you to his evil lair
And fling you to the floor
He'll feast upon your flesh and bones
One piece at a time
And laugh and sing and taunt you with
His wicked, scary rhyme

So, parents, if you value them
Keep your sons and daughters
Safe and sound and well away
From those oily, stinking waters
For evil like you've never known
Dwells in the dark beneath
The silvery light of the moon at night
In the heart of Jimmy Greenteeth

Author unknown.

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