Sunday, 1 February 2015

The bloke on his own and the girl with no lippy.

Rain rapped at the window by which he sat
As he stared at a screen and had a nice chat
With some folk with whom he'd never meet
As he was propelled along a street
Through driving rain and wind and hail
Past the girl that ran but, sadly, failed
To catch the bus on which he sat
Staring at a screen and having a chat

She'd chased the bus but, alas, in vain
Through howling wind and driving rain
Had failed to make it to the stop
Having stopped to retrieve the phone that she'd dropped
While typing her words into that little box
To let the world know it was now "wine-o'clock"
She'd chased the bus but, alas, in vain
Now stood, disappointed, in driving rain

He turned the key and unlocked the door
Of the little flat on the sixteenth floor
Of the concrete tower that he now called home
And checked the time upon his phone
Early tonight, he'd manage to make
An earlier bus than he'd usually take
He kicked off his shoes and kicked shut the door
Of his little flat on the sixteenth floor

Dripping wet and feeling forlorn
And cursing the heels she'd stupidly worn
She took a seat next to a chap who
Smelt a little like beef stew
She found the hole in her phone and plugged in the jack
Of the headphones she wore, and then settled back
Dripping wet and feeling forlorn
Her weight off the heels she'd stupidly worn

Just one more refresh before taking a shower
He promised himself, but refreshed for an hour
Until, eventually, of Tweeting he bored
He glanced at the time then thought "Just once more"
And another refresh, whilst sat on the loo
Telling the world he was taking a poo
Finally, clean and fresh from the shower
He sat on the bed wasting just one more hour

Arriving home much later tonight
Two steps at a time, she dashed up the flight
Of steps that led to the house in that
She lived all alone, except for her cat
A trail of drips followed the path
She took to the bathroom to run a hot bath
Having arrived home much later tonight
She needed to hurry, her timing now tight

Late he now was when he went to go meet
His friends and acquaintances in the pub down the street
They'd waited and waited, but waited no more
And jumped in the taxi that stood by the door
Then away into town for a night on the tiles
With laughter and flirting and boozy, broad smiles
Too late he had been when he'd arrived to meet
The friends being driven, away down the street

You get nowt good from rushing, her dad used to say
So she'd given up trying, and now made her way
To the pub down the street for a bottle of red
To bring home and enjoy while she sat on her bed
And painted her nails and read a good book
With her cat curled beside her and licking his butt
You get nowt good from rushing, her dad had oft said
So she'd given up trying and chilled out instead

Billy no mates tonight, all alone he stood by
The fruit machine near the bogs and he let out a sigh
As he sipped on his pint and played with his phone
Just this one quick drink then he'd make his way home
He checked his emails and text messages too
Then finished his pint and went to the loo
Billy no mates tonight, all alone in the shitter
Cock in one hand as he scrolled through his Twitter

She'd not done her hair or put on her lippy
So she donned hat and scarf, although it wasn't nippy
And left for the pub with her purse in her hand
And arrived at the bar just as the band
Tested the mic with a "one, two, one-two"
And waited for service from the barmaid who
Hadn't noticed her there, in her scarf and her hat
And fiddled on her phone, involved in a chat

He fastened his jacket as he walked by the bar
Intending to leave, though he didn't get far
The girl in the corner with tenner in hand
Caused him to pause as he walked past the band
Who were ready to go and who started to play
A song by the Beatles about a hard day
He unfastened his jacket and walked to the bar
It'd surely not hurt to have one more jar?

She saw him and wished that she'd taken more time
Before leaving the house to come buy her wine
She smiled and pretended to not notice him there
As he stood right beside her and ordered his beer
"Oh sorry" he said, "Have I jumped the queue?"
She smiled and she nodded and he said "after you"
She thanked him and wished that she'd taken more time
Then said to the barmaid "A glass of red wine"

The band were on fire, they danced all night long
They clapped and they cheered when the band played "their" song
A song that they both said they loved more than others
A song about two young, bright, star crossed lovers
They spoke about things that they'd done and they wished
And his journey home on the bus that she'd missed
The band were on fire and when they'd finally finished
They clapped and they cheered having loved every minute

The girl with no lippy and the bloke on his own
Walked home arm in arm, ignoring their phones
They chatted and giggled and walked rather slow
Taking their time and getting to know
More about one and other, their likes and dislikes
Her love of cute cats and his of fast bikes
Then the bloke on his own and the girl with no lippy
Shared their first kiss in the queue for chippy


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  1. This is adorable, and reminded me, delightfully, of T.S. Eliot in its tone. Very nicely done. I've shared on Twitter and Facebook.